30 Days Mediatation Challenge to establish healthy habit

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Udemy free download 30 Days Mediatation Challenge to establish healthy habit, with this course you can Create daily mediatation, yoga & mindfulness practice This course By Kamila Lorek "Yoga Teacher".

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What Will You Learn From This Course?

  • Progressive Mediation tools & techniques
  • Breathing & relaxation techniques
  • Daily mediatation
  • Develop Concentration
  • Increase body awarness

What this instructor say's about His tutorial ?

Meditation  has many benefits, from reducing our stress levels, helping us sleep to increased awareness about our self and our behaviours.

How long are you thinking you should start meditating but still not started? I know some people who I have been speaking about if for years and they still haven’t started?

How about think of it as prevention, so instead of popping that sleeping or calming pill in the future you can do something for your self now and you won’t need any!

Have you tried to establish a new habit like mediation? How did that work? A lot of the times we get a momentum at the beginning, and then that’s quickly dies down. So having someone to guide you thru the journey is a great thing to have, not necessary, however there are great benefits from it, like a different perspective and tools and resources to guide you thru the journey.

This 30 Days mediatation challenge is progressive and you will learn different techniques and tools to meditate on you own, after you finish. The challenge is structured in weeks and draws on the previous practices to support healthy daily habit creation and establishing new neurological pathways. With extra bonus week the total video content for this course is nearly 10 hrs of different mediatation techniques, so you will have a great library of resources to add to your own.

Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably, put your headphones on and make that commitment to yourself and lets break the old habits and create new healthy ones together, Ill be there - right in your ear!

Discover the benefits of daily mediation on your body, mind & spirit. The mediations take anytime from 10-20 mins, so commit your time, schedule it in your day and observe the changes happening in your life. Good practice is to keep mediation journal to write how you feel afterwards and during your day. Enjoy!


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Udemy Free Download 30 Days Mediatation Challenge to establish healthy habit