CARE leadership: how to lead in hybrid workplaces

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Udemy free download CARE leadership: how to lead in hybrid workplaces, with this course you can 12 leadership skills to improve team engagement, productivity and innovation in co-located, remote and hybrid workplaces This course By Luciana Paulise "Culture and Productivity Coach, Book author and Speaker".

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What Will You Learn From This Course?

  • Find solutions to the new challenges of leading a remote team
  • Identify the four CARE values
  • Practice 12 skills to strengthen your hybrid team cohesion and productivity
  • Learn new tools and technologies to improve online collaboration

What this instructor say's about His tutorial ?

This course is aimed at explaining with practical examples of a leadership model to improve team engagement, productivity and innovation in co-located, remote and hybrid workplaces. Today’s global, high speed, complex, and disruptive business environment demands more dynamic leaders to achieve quality, continuous improvement and keep up with the demands of the new generations. Companies need to make their organizations more adaptive and agile to play many roles with different mindsets. Especially now, after the Covid-19 crisis, leading remotely is everybody’s job, so leaders from all ages are invited to learn how to improve the performance of your team. This leadership program will help you understand the 4 behaviors with 12 skills that will help you become a successful facilitator and develop the talents of those who will work with you. Designed by expert culture coach, book author and speaker Luciana Paulise.

1) Connect How to align the team's vision with the vision of the company, define the stakeholders and assign responsibilities. Building a network of connections and improving communication channels to support the team better.

• Skill #1: Connect with the company purpose

• Skill #2: Build your network

• Skill #3: Drive innovation and change

2) Attend How to be present in the “gemba” (the operations or the front line desk, where the actions take place), even working remotely, to ask questions and learn from and with the team. Understand and share results, monitor and verify them and make sound decisions with the team.

• Skill #4: Push decision-making to the front-line

• Skill #5: Measure performance

• Skill #6: Manage risks

3) Respect How to drive engagement by improving communication, collaboration, respect and focus on the strengths of our coworkers by building multidisciplinary teams.

• Skill #7: Build diverse and cross-functional teams

• Skill #8: Promote team psychological safety

• Skill #9: Set effective one-on-one meetings

4) Empower How to design an action plan and divide it into smaller clear tasks. Promote self-discipline and autonomy within the team, time management and visual controls.

• Skill #10: Delegate and stop micro-managing

• Skill #11: Define team routines

• Skill #12: Build self-organizing skill


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