Drywall Repair and Installation For Begineers

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Udemy free download Drywall Repair and Installation For Begineers, with this course you can Learn to drywall like a professional by watching one This course By Ron Lee "Handy man and Coach".

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What Will You Learn From This Course?

  • How to take that hole in your wall and make it into a seamless wall
  • How to install drywall like a professional
  • Choosing materials and tools that are necessary to repair and install drywall
  • Preparing your area so you are set up for success
  • Patching and installing drywall of any size
  • How to cut drywall to size using a keyhole saw and razor blade
  • How to tape, mud and sand your newly installed drywall
  • Priming and painting your newly installed drywall
  • Using a piece of wood as backing if you cannot find a stud

What this instructor say's about His tutorial ?

This course will teach you the step by steps instructions needed to repair or install drywall in your home or business. Taught by a professional with over thirty years of experience, you will receive the tips and tricks of the trade you will not find anywhere else. This course provides you with all the tools needed to successfully call yourself a DIY person when it comes to drywalling. Videos and pictures are provided to guide you through the process so you will not just listen but actually watch as he takes a hole in the wall and makes it look brand new. You will also receive a handy list of all the materials and tools needed before starting your drywalling project.

The course begins by describing all the tools and materials one would need. Then, the preperation phase is explained and best practices outlined so you are most prepared to take on your project. From there, the instructor details the installation of drywall (measuring, cutting, and taping). Then, the important steps of mudding and sanding are discussed with some tips and tricks to make your project easier. Lastly, the finishing touches along with priming and painting are shown. If that all sounds easy enough it is because well it is! This course takes a headache of a project and turns it into a no brainer!

If you have any questions after completing the course, please reach out to me via email and I will get back to you as soon as I can to help you.


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Udemy Free Download Drywall Repair and Installation For Begineers