Manage Change Through Collaboration and Team Work

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Udemy free download Manage Change Through Collaboration and Team Work, with this course you can Change Management Success - How Collaboration Can Help When You Lead and Manage Change. This course By Denise Fletcher "Executive Coach at Enabling Transitions".

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What Will You Learn From This Course?

  • Appreciate the nature of change today and its impact on people
  • Distinguish the difference between change avoiders and chase chasers and their impact on change projects
  • Understand the Emotional Change Curve
  • Recognise the benefits of collaboration and change projects
  • Describe what is meant by collaboration
  • Identify the skills of collaboration
  • Formulate a plan of action to be better at collaboration

What this instructor say's about His tutorial ?

Are you due to implement a change at work and want to get it right?

Have you ever tried to implement a change in your team to then be faced with objections and negativity?

Have you ever been part of a change at work and it was managed badly from start to finish?

Despite the fact we spend all our lives changing and learning, many of us never really enjoy change. Change can be difficult. Technological advances now mean that we have even more change to contend with, not just in our personal lives but also at work. If you are a manager or team leader implementing changes at work then you are faced with not only coping with your own feelings about change but also those of your colleagues and team members.

Because of my own personal experiences of change but also implementing change projects in organisations I decided to create a course covering the fundamentals of understanding change, focusing in particular on the people side of change.

This course helps managers and individuals get to grips with understanding the emotional impact of change and how people can make or break a change process. In addition the course will help you to understand why people respond to change differently – some getting on board with the change project straight away whilst others digging their heels in not wanting to change.

This is a short course giving you the “nitty-gritty of just what you need”, including useful tips and information so that you are ready for action with your next change project.

In many ways this short course is the only course you will need to understand and implement change. With every change project you work on you will build experience on top of this foundation of knowledge.

What students say about this course

“Enjoyed this course - very good recap of some basic change must-knows delivered in a friendly, positive way.” (Ian)

“Excellent course. Especially enjoyed the section on change avoiders and change chasers. Thanks !” (Varun)

“I got strong realisation towards my own experiences and emotional response to any change in work or personal life. Very useful indication on anatomy of change, team collaboration skills and things to consider when rolling out complex changes.” (Sandeep)

The course is made up of short videos, exercises and downloadable handouts. In addition to this you have access to me via messages and discussions. Once you joined the course, you will get all updates and new lectures free of charge in addition to supplementary material. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy.


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