Kundalini Dance: Sacred Movements To Activate The Chakras

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Udemy free download Kundalini Dance: Sacred Movements To Activate The Chakras, with this course you can Ecstatic Dance Initiations, Shamanic Drum Journeys & Chakra Meditations To Dissolve Your Shadow & Raise Your Vibration This course By Mark Keane "World-Renowned Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Dance Teacher".

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What Will You Learn From This Course?

  • Learn Kundalini Dance: a form of 'ecstatic dance'
  • Learn to activate, and align all the chakras through dance
  • Learn the keys to awaken the kundalini energy in a safe and intuitive way
  • Learn about what the Kundalini energy is
  • Learn to trust your emotional guidance system by navigating the emotional body
  • Learn how to clear trauma from the cellular memory
  • Learn Pranic sounds and breaths to activate the chakras
  • Learn how to heal the Mental Body through powerful meditations
  • Learn how to release stuck energies like inertia, apathy and boredom from the tension in your physical body
  • Learn how to transform the pain body (the shadow) into a vessel for love and light
  • Learn how to liberate yourself from past conditioning by moving without fear of judgement
  • Learn how to Shamanic Journey into your chakras for the clarity of what is no longer serving you, so you can choose a new pathway for yourself
  • Learn about what the Chakras are, and how they impact your life
  • Learn how to use free expressive movement to connect to the divine realm
  • Learn to awaken to higher frequencies, which can open you up to tranmissions and activate your DNA
  • Learn how to plug into Earth Energy, and its living energy matrix
  • Learn how to channel source light into the chakras to bring you into divine alignment
  • Learn how to trust your intuituion
  • Learn how to find your natural ecstasy

What this instructor say's about His tutorial ?

This course is for those who are passionate about the idea of reaching natural states of ecstasy, through dancing without drugs.

This is a course like no other, it is designed to wake you up, and have some serious fun at the same time, dancing your socks off. (quite literally as it's best with bare feet)

The beauty of this course is that you can do it wherever, and whenever you want, when you feel that you could do with a good dance to release some tension, and connect to your joy.

The roadmap is the Chakra system because we are working with activating your Kundalini life force energy, and getting it to rise up through these seven primary energy centres, to clear through any blocks you might have, that are holding you back in your life.

The result is that you will begin to experience some real freedom in the way that you think, feel and act. Once that energy gets released, and begins to flow through you, it dissolves all the fears that we often cling to, quite unconsciously, to keep us safe, and essentially stuck in our lives.

Yes friends it is time to dance out the demons of fear, doubt, confusion and the ego in all its many facets, so that you can begin to move away from stuck energies that prevail in humanity such as anxiety, depression, stress, frustration, boredom, inertia, apathy etc.

It is time to dance your way into complete and utter freedom, both within how you feel, and in the way that you choose to live your life after enjoying this revolutionary course I have made for you.

I have no less that 16 years of experience being on the world's fist ever Kundalini Dance training in 2005 in Australia with the creator Leyolah Antara, so you are in safe hands.

This is likely to be the most fun that you have had in a long time, and quite possibly the best money you have ever spent, because after completing this course you will be empowered to move through life like a dance with a really solid sense of confidence. This can only come from deeply reconnecting with who you really are beneath all the masks we hide behind, such as our many roles in life, and our beliefs, especially limiting or negative ones.

We will activate and cleanse each and every chakra using the self healing energy of the Earth, and Source with our own Kundalini life force.

The method is varied using tools such as intuitive dance, pranic breath, pranic sound, shamanic drum journeys and guided visualisations.

Your life will never be the same after this...in a good way...you are dissolving your shadow so that you can return to your centre, who you really are beneath it all.. that beautiful, shiny, passionate, inspiring and motivated soul that is here on this Earth to really make a positive impact.

Are you ready for the next phase of your life, free from the fears and negativity of the past?

If so, this course is for you...Enrol Now!


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