Learn Powder Coating – Electrostatic Deposition Painting

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Udemy free download Learn Powder Coating - Electrostatic Deposition Painting, with this course you can Learn powder Coating, And have your own start up, or get job in sectors like Automobile manufacturing etc. This course By George Gajinder Singh "Power Generation Engineer".

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What Will You Learn From This Course?

  • Learn powder Coating, And have your own start up.
  • Learn Powder Coating and get jobs in sectors like Automobile manufacturing, almost every industry needs powder coating process
  • Learn Powder Coating and get jobs in allied industries like powder and paint manufacturing.
  • Lean Powder Coating and get knowledge about chemicals, thermodynamics, Electrostatic charging etc.

What this instructor say's about His tutorial ?

This Course has training sessions on Powder Coating, Spray type and Dip type Pre treatment, Corona and Tribo powder coating guns, Convection- Infrared- Induction- Ultraviolet ovens, Standard power-pulled type and Power & free type  conveyors, component hanging principals, Powder and chemical contents, health and safety precautions, impact testing, cross cut adhesion testing, bend test, scratch and pencil hardness test, salt spray test, humidity test, corrosion classes as per NS and ISO standards, technical principals and theories involved in  powder coating, pre treatment and its guns, faraday cage effect, powder curing process, general curing defects and analysis, chromate, non chromate, iron phosphate and zinc phosphate processes in addition chemical cleaning and de rusting, mechanical cleaning surface preparation methods like steel blasting, general pre treatment process defects and analysis, checklist of parameters effecting the pre treatment process, water saving, Proper earthing, its values and testing, methods to save conveyor from powder spray, Conveyor lubrication methods, gun voltage testing, powder recovery system, post filtration of air, powder application, gun setting parameters for proper powder flow, temperature recording of ovens and study on TTR reports, best practices for powder booth cleaning, maintenance check points on daily, weekly, monthly basis, general defects analysis, quality control and it's importance in powder coating and much much more. SSPC2 standard for dry film thickness measurement is very well explained in the course, gauge readings and spot readings are defined in easy to understand method, number of readings per square meter and minimum area for measurement is defined with formulas.


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Udemy Free Download Learn Powder Coating - Electrostatic Deposition Painting