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Udemy free download Market Your App With Google & Facebook Ads, with this course you can Monetize your App! Learn mobile app monetization using Google Ads, Grow Your Sales With Google Ads, Create Facebook Ads. This course By Oak Academy "Web & Mobile Development, IOS, Android, Ethical Hacking, IT".

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What Will You Learn From This Course?

  • Monetize your App and increase app installs with google ads and facebook ads
  • Learn mobile app monetization using Google Ads, Grow Your Sales With Google Ads, Create Facebook Ads.
  • Facebook App Monetization
  • Use app event optimization to find people who will take valuable actions in your app
  • You will learn how to correctly monetize your app
  • Optimize for specific app events
  • You will learn how to make more money with your app
  • Build an app install ad, step-by-step
  • You will learn to generate more revenue with your app
  • Leverage the Facebook SDK and app events
  • Use the app install objective to drive app downloads
  • Top app monetization strategies
  • Utilize available facebook ads creative formats and placements
  • Measure and optimize your app install campaign
  • You will learn about mobile app business
  • You will learn how to grow your app business
  • You will become a much stronger mobile app entrepreneur
  • Retention increasing tips
  • Mobile App Publishing Types
  • In-App Purchase Monetization
  • Ad Placement Strategies
  • Ad Mediation Platforms
  • Analytical Tools` dashboards
  • Ad Network
  • User Acquisition Campaigns
  • Fill Rate/Match Rate
  • eCPM/RPM
  • LTV
  • ARPDAU (Average Revenue per Daily Active User)
  • ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)
  • Difference between ARPDAU and ARPU
  • Mobile App Marketing
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, App install Campaign
  • App monetization
  • Google app ads and facebook advertising with facebook sdk

What this instructor say's about His tutorial ?

Hello there,

Welcome to the "Market Your App With Google & Facebook Ads" course.

Monetize your App! Learn mobile app monetization using Google Ads, Grow Your Sales With Google Ads, Create Facebook Ads.

Do you want to create a successful mobile app business with Google and Facebook Ads?  Google ads, user acquisition, app install campaign, facebook ads, app monetization, Google ads app, mobile advertising, app campaign, app advertising, Google app ads
Do you want to make money with your Apps?

Do you know;

  • How to make money with your Apps?

  • How to put Facebook ads on your Apps?

  • How you can turn a non-paying user into a paying user?

  • What can you sell to your subscribers?

  • How can you re-engage with your users?

  • How can you use Google Ads effectively to reach more traffic?

If you want to learn all the answers "Market Your App With Google & Facebook Ads" course is the perfect place for you to start. This course is specifically designed for the Beginner all the way up to Advanced;

  • Ad Monetization Experts,

  • App Developers

  • Mobile App entrepreneur

  • Marketing, strategy, and ad consultants who want to expand their business and offer more to their clients,

  • Technical or non-technical entrepreneurs

who needs to learn how to successfully Market, Promote, and Monetize your apps, so that you can actually make a living doing what you enjoy the most!

In this course, we have explained the Universal App Campaign from beginner to all levels. We have explained all the topics as simple as possible with examples, slides, and diagrams.

We have created a lot of projects while explaining the subjects. Because we believe that applied educations are much more useful than other teaching methods.

In today’s online marketplace, your SEO strategy is incomplete without Google Ads, a pay-per-click advertising platform. Google Ads takes the guesswork out of online marketing with metrics that allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your Google ad placements, while driving sales.

Why would you want to take this course?

Everyone is talking about design, coding but no-one is talking about how to make money with apps. There are tons of tutorials for how to make games and mobile apps, but everyone is silent about making money with apps and they are keeping it a secret. We believe in the power of sharing. We care about sharing. So we decided to come out and teach you how to actually make money with apps.

  • In this course we will cover;

  • Register and configure your app

  • Create a Facebook page for your app

  • Ad formats and placement

  • Build your app installs campaign

  • App events and optimization

  • Measurement for app ads

  • Key Metrics ( Revenue Metrics, User Acquisition, Engagement Tracking, etc )

  • App Publishing Process

  • App Monetization Types

  • Ad Monetization ( Ad Networks, Ad Mediation Platforms, Ad Placement Strategies )

  • Ad Placement Strategies ( Banner, Native, Interstitial, Rewarded Video )

  • Ad Monetization Tips

  • IAP Monetization

  • Subscription Model

  • Retention Increasing Tips

  • Understanding the apps ecosystem

  • Explore Google app campaigns

  • Leverage the Facebook SDK and app events,

  • Define your app campaign goal

  • Measure what matters in-app campaigns

  • Begin with app campaign settings

  • Finish with app campaign ad groups and assets

  • The role of the marketer in-app campaigns

  • Guide the machine for a better app campaign

  • Create and refine your app campaign

  • Optimize the app experience

What is Google Ads (Adwords)?

Google Ads (formerly called Google Adwords) is a digital advertising platform where businesses can bid money on relevant keywords to display advertisements for their products and services on online channels. The online advertisements appear as sponsored results on Google search engine result pages or display ads on websites and mobile apps in Google’s Network. The platform assigns each ad a page position based on the bid's size combined with the advertisement’s quality (determined by Google’s Quality Score metric). The business then pays via a Cost Per Click (CPC) model for the number of clicks the ad receives. Within the Google Ads platform, businesses can view their online ads' metrics and performance, set goals for their advertising efforts, and set audience targeting parameters.

Do Google Ads work for small businesses?

Google Ads can work well for small businesses when optimizing keywords and targeting relevant online audiences. Since millions of consumers use Google every day to search for products and services, advertising through Google Ads can be a great way for a business to get in front of consumers searching for similar offerings. The success of Google Ads for a small business often depends on the nature of the products and services, the keywords the business chooses to bid on, and their methods for targeting the right customers online. Google Ads is a good fit for small businesses that operate primarily or entirely online, businesses with a high customer lifetime value (LTV), and businesses that can benefit from targeting their customers geographically or by online search interest.

How successful are Google Ads?

With the right advertising strategy, Google Ads can be very successful in helping a brand get its products and services in front of more consumers online. The success of Google Ads often depends on a business’ strategy for targeting the right audience and the quality of its ad content. Google Ads are more likely to be successful for businesses that conduct keyword research to optimize their bids on relevant keywords that they can rank highly for within their budget; and those that produce high-quality ad content, including graphics and landing pages that offer real value to their audiences.

What is the difference between Google Ads and Adsense?

Google Ads is the platform businesses use to advertise online, while Google AdSense is the platform websites use to host those online ads in exchange for payment. Google Ads is an online advertising platform where businesses pay to have their ads displayed online. Based on a business’ advertising budget, Google Ads will place the digital ads on the pages of Google results or on websites that belong to Google’s Network. Google AdSense is a program that anyone who owns a website can join, to become a part of Google’s Network. Through Google AdSense, the website owner allows Google Ads to automatically display relevant advertisements on their site and receives payment based on the number of views those ads receive.

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