Okta Developer Certification Questions covered all topics

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Udemy free download Okta Developer Certification Questions covered all topics, with this course you can Okta Developer Certification Questions that covers all topics of okta developer certification topics that are given out This course By M Vij "Okta Certified".

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What this instructor say's about His tutorial ?

I have knowledge on Okta tool and I have got 4 years of experience on development and administration and integrated many apps to okta and I have appeared for many okta webinars and okta sessions that are given by Okta itself, by working with the questions you will gain full knowledge on the exam and Lab and how differently tasks are given. Okta Developer Certification was designed and built by developers for developers. It is a two-part exam. In Part I, exam takers are presented with 45 discrete option multiple-choice (DOMC) questions. Those questions focus on knowledge a developer should have in respect to Okta Customer Identity products. Understand pros and cons of authentication types (e.g., custom login page vs. Okta login page), Contrast the different ways to set a session in Okta, Retrieve a Session Cookie using OIDC Connect Az Endpoint, Manage an Okta Session via the Okta Sessions API, Understand the Authentication API transactional model, SSO and API Access Management with OIDC and OAuth, Use the authorization code flow to obtain tokens, Validate tokens, Use a refresh token to obtain a new access token, Use the /revoke endpoint to revoke a token, Identify trusted and untrusted clients and the proper flows to use with each. Explain why is authorization code flow more secure than implicit flow, Define which flow to use when a software or service needs to access an API using access token, Explain how OIDC achieves SSO, Explain which flow is appropriate for app types, Explain the difference between introspect call and signature validation, List all possible actors in an OIDC flow, Lifecycle Management, Demonstrate understanding of the Users API and which operations can be performed, Manage Users via the Users API, Demonstrate understanding of User Objects, User States, and User Profile Sourcing Options, Manage Groups using the Groups API, Manage Group membership using the Groups API, Just-in-Time Provisioning (JIT).

Administrative APIs

Demonstrate understanding of Okta Policies and Rules and how these affect operations

Demonstrate understanding of multi-factor authentication in Okta

Demonstrate understanding of the Factors API and which operations can be performed

Debug Techniques

Design Principles

Okta Hooks

Working with the Sign-In widget for Authentication


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