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Udemy free download Perfect Project Charter, with this course you can Create an effective Project Charter / Business Case This course By Nic Thomas "Project Management Consultant".

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  • Develop a Project Charter

What this instructor say's about His tutorial ?

Whether you want to call it a charter, business case, initiation document, or a more fancy version, every project needs a solid tool to introduce, convince, communicate and seek approval for their project. 

This program will take you through, explaining what a charter is, its need and function and guide you in the development of your own sensational charter.

The reality is that projects generally succeed or fail based upon the concept (the idea part) or the planning; whilst most people think they fall about during the implementation stage- the truth is if you traced back the reasons why, they would lead to poor initiation and planning.  

One of the key reasons for project failure revolves around an ineffective charter or business case.  Every project manager sings the same song; the scope wasn't defined well enough, the business case wasn't sound, or my favorite: It's not my fault, I wasn't involved at the start.

On a personal note, as an experience Project Manager and Director, I still can't believe the amount of projects being implemented without a decent charter- it's basically setting a plan to fail.  

If that doesn't sound like fun to you, take this course, it's not the most fun thing you could be doing, but its practical and it's surely more fun than having a failed project.


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