Restaurant Marketing: The Secret is in the Sauce™

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Udemy free download Restaurant Marketing: The Secret is in the Sauce™, with this course you can Learn how to open, run, market & manage a successful restaurant! This course is the culmination of 4 years of study! This course By Dikran Iskenderian "The Restaurant Marketing Expert™".

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What Will You Learn From This Course?

  • Learn 12 ways to INCREASE Customer Satisfaction!
  • Determine your price strategy
  • Know the 12 Characteristics of GREAT Managers so you will know who to hire.
  • Learn about the 12 Styles of Leadership that will serve you both inside and outside the industry.
  • The #1 Secret to Exponential Growth (it's not what you think)
  • Learn all about the Power of Reciprocity and how to use it daily in order to have a more positive outlook on life, better results, and make more (and better) friends.
  • Should you franchise or not?
  • Learn about the 21 Pillars of Negotiation. These will serve you in almost every transaction in life: from negotiating your pay in the restaurant industry, to when you're checking out of a hotel, to making deals with family members.
  • Learn how to use effective Strategic Marketing analysis for your restaurant.
  • Should you offer delivery? This is not without its pitfalls. We discuss that topic here.
  • Learn how to use effective Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Learn how to INCREASE your RATINGS on Yelp. There are many things you can do WITHOUT violating Yelp's guidelines. Yelp does not teach you these things because it wants restaurants to just advertise with them. What most people don't realize is they can use YELP effectively for free.
  • How to advertise EFFECTIVELY on yelp without spending tons of money.
  • Make more money if you are an existing restaurant by using these 52 Sales Strategies
  • Know the difference between starting a restaurant solely for profit (sure to fail) and starting a restaurant to serve a greater purpose.

What this instructor say's about His tutorial ?

This course is about how to best open a restaurant. Should you franchise or do it alone or with a partner? We will also discuss the various topics related to the restaurant industry, including: How to Up-sell Customers; How to Create an Amazing menu; how to manage worker's comp. costs; how to hire and fire employees and specifically I will teach you what kind of questions to ask during job interviews. We will also discuss Restaurant marketing, strategic marketing, management, the POS system, how to find the best location and negotiate the lease with the landlord.

Negotiation tactic are very important and one chapter will focus on this. The materials included here are from the upcoming book: Restaurant Marketing: The Secret is in the Sauce™ by Dikran Iskenderian (copyright 2015). This will give you immense information and wisdom based on 4 years of research I have done for this book. I am qualified to teach this course because along with my family, I own and operate the famous Zankou Chicken® brand of restaurant throughout southern California.

I assume you will need about 2 months of reading and study to finish this course. The way it is structured, I recommend taking each subject mater AS YOU NEED IT, since it is not based on chronology. I will be including an electronic version of my upcoming book in this series. It will be available to download for everyone who purchases this course. The course is structured according to each chapter, and I will take my time presenting each subject matter accordingly. I will also provide the text for each lecture, available for download. Some of these chapters will contain review questions you should answer and use for self-study.

By the end of the course, you should have everything you need to help you open a restaurant business. I have also structured this course for those of you who may already own a restaurant but wish to make more money/ profits. It's also geared toward people in the restaurant industry who simply wish to learn more, excel, and succeed in climbing the economic ladder within their organization. I have spent over 1,200 hours creating this book and these materials. They are of high quality. I simply ask that you please not share them outside the community of users here, as the material is copyrighted. I will add a video once every 2 weeks, and add the text correspondingly. My goal is to constantly add new material throughout the year.

Thank you for considering taking my course. God bless.


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Udemy Free Download Restaurant Marketing: The Secret is in the Sauce™